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Now You Can Build A Successful Corporate!

Dreams and visions are not meant to be called small businesses but successful corporates. Your dream is big corporate that provides the best products or services, employing people, and building sustainable success. With this definition, establishing your corporate on solid marketing foundations becomes necessity to turn products or services into a big corporate.

What are the must-have solid marketing foundations to build a corporate achieving short and long-term success?

Before explaining the steps of building solid marketing foundations, we need to clarify and debunk the myth that destroyed professional dreams and had millions of business owners fail and lose their business. Having marketing strategies is a must however, no one can have the same strategies as others to establish, build, or grow his business or corporate. So, the myth that someone has the perfect strategy to generate sales and customers or build a successful business is an outright lie. One strategy doesn't fit all!

With this been said, the first step of establishing marketing foundations is conducting market research that provides the marketing experts with data, facts, and numbers to create effective marketing strategies that serve the corporate needs, vision, and goals.

Demographics, market analysis, customer analysis, price analysis, and competitor analysis are must-have data to create marketing, advertising, and sales strategies.

Second, the creative process starts, turning the collected data into creative and effective strategies, branding, and structuring.

The third step is implementing the creative and intellectual vision into physical steps. Shooting photos based on the strategies to reflect the brand. Making videos with the set strategies to achieve goals. Designing a website, writing its content, and structuring its operation with a strategic basis to facilitate its use and purpose.

The pictures, videos, and website are the tools used to bring out the brand in the digital world on social media. They are not marketing but marketing tools. In traditional marketing, magazines and newspapers are the media used to communicate the marketing message and present the brand. The marketing foundations for both exist in the creative and intellectual process, communicated and presented on different media.

The fourth step is launching a marketing campaign on social media to build a presence, connect, educate, and communicate with targeted customers.

The fifth step is advertising and launching an advertising campaign. This step becomes fruitful only when the prior steps are completed effectively.

Putting the mentioned steps/services into numbers and prices will explain why most business owners settle for earning a living from selling their products or providing their services, rather than building a sustainable corporate. The cost of building solid marketing foundations can run from $25,000 to $100,000 and up! A price that is not affordable for someone who has a dream and a will, but lacks the funds and knowledge of the way to turn a micro or small business into a corporate. Therefore, he or she falls into shortcuts, scams, and the endless possibilities of using ineffective ways and services.

The solution, our marketing agency understands the gap of unmet needs to be filled for having micro and small business owners turn their dreams into big corporates. Not just to help business owners but to create jobs, expand expertise, renew the nature of jobs, and open room for innovative ideas to surface and shine. We combined the must-have marketing services to establish and build solid marketing foundations in one marketing process, made available to buy online anywhere in the world at a fraction of the customary price, at flat rates, expanding this solution to business owners and entrepreneurs worldwide.

Falling for shortcuts and missing any of these services while building a business or trying to elevate it or save it deprives a person of falling into the 1% category of those who built the corporate world.

The marketing processes we offer are classified to meet various purposes. Launching a new business, service, or product. Saving or elevating an existing business. Or building an online presence. You can buy your marketing process now online anywhere in the world, or schedule a complimentary marketing consultation to discuss your business needs with our expert and have him recommend the right marketing process.

Those who are serious about building a corporate, now they can! Because the right marketing processes that were limited to medium and large corporates are available to micro and small companies.


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