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Specializes in Custom-Tailored New Age Marketing 

About Us 

  • MAOC Studio was established by Rola Jabri in 2006

  • We transformed how marketing is sold

  • We turned the complexity of digital and creative marketing into easy-to-buy products

  • We made the shopping experience for marketing as easy as buying any product online

  • We made the same large-scale marketing that is typically reserved for large companies, available for small businesses.  

Our services are tailored to fit all businesses, from startups to established companies.   

Our Mission 

At MAOC Studio, we are committed to helping business owners build and grow sustainable businesses through the power of New Age Marketing. Our approach is rooted in market research, facts and numbers, implemented in the digital world to ensure that our clients build strong brands and achieve tangible results. 

Our Marketing Concept 

We envision new businesses as the source of modern ideas that set them apart from the old and ordinary. Therefore, our efforts are focused on elevating small businesses with the same large-scale marketing reserved for large companies.   

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