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An American Marketing Agency Specializes In Luxury, Creative, and Digital Marketing. 

About Us 

  • MAOC Studio was established by Rola Jabri in 2006

  • We transformed the way marketing is sold

  • We turned the complexity of digital and creative marketing into easy-to-buy products

  • We made the marketing shopping experience as easy as buying any product online

  • We cut prices and made luxury marketing affordable to help small businesses stand out and set themselves apart

Our Marketing Concept 

We envision small businesses as the source of modern ideas that set them apart from the old and ordinary. The main ingredient for success, especially for small businesses, is marketing. 


We understand that digital marketing is tedious and expensive, but must have. Creative and luxury marketing are even more expensive but must have as well to stand out in the competitiveness of social media.

As a solution, we combined digital, creative, and luxury marketing. We turned essential marketing services into easy-to-buy products. Cut the price in half and formatted it at a flat rate to minimize worries, cut costs, and save time. Made our marketing products available online.

The Benefits of Our Concept 

  • Small business owners will have the needed marketing tool to grow, stand out, and excel.

  • They will get to work with marketing experts to guide them and get the work done for them.

  • They will have everything done for them professionally, saving them time and money while doing it right. 

  • They will build solid marketing foundations, excel with customized strategies, and grow a rewarding online presence at a lower cost. 

  • Eliminate false marketing, omit distractions, and reduce worries and stress. 

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