• MAOC Studio was founded by Rola Jabri in 2006. Specializes in setting businesses apart through innovative marketing.

  • MAOC Studio is the first marketing company to build an online marketing store. Providing access to buy effective marketing services online, anywhere in the world. Offering the large-scale marketing process in packages at falt rates. 

  • MAOC Studio converted the large-scale marketing process that was limited to medium and large companies into itemized packages that offer the same effectiveness for small businesses. 

  • Innovative marketing and advertising are the trademarks of MAOC Studio.


  • Located in Plano, Texas, USA.

Our Vision:

  • Marketing is sold as a process combining major marketing services. 

  • Utilizing marketing expertise to set businesses apart.  

  • Marketing services are sold online, explaining in advance the details of the marketing process with set prices. 

  • Renewal through innovative marketing and advertising.

  • A higher percentage of sustainable businesses.  

  • More inspiring jobs.

  • Higher business standards.   

  • Repaired environment. 

Our Mission:

  • Turning around businesses through renewed strategies and innovative marketing and advertising. 

  • Empowering intelligence and creativity. 

  • Setting a positive example for building long-term success, mastering excellence in delivering services, and honoring business ethics. 

  • Empowering small business owners and single mothers. 

  • Providing the highest quality of marketing and advertising. 

  • Honoring business ethics.

  • Working with an intelligent, creative, and responsible basis. 

  • Contributing to environmental reform/repair. 


Our Core Value:

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- Marketing 

- Online Marketing 

- Marketing Solutions

- Advertising 

- Consultancy 

Monday - Friday 

9 am - 5 pm Central Time

469 - 471 - 2260

5700 Granite Parkway, Suite 200

Plano, TX 75024

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