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When Talents and Profit Don't Square

Starting a business is the most beautiful experience. However, if this experience is not initiated with a rational approach, it turns bitter. Having the talent, the skills and expertise is one part of the game, not all of it.

Generating enough sales and profiting is the other aspect to win, stay in business, and prosper. Generating customers and sales are connected to creating authentic marketing strategies that set a business apart, make the service or products sellable, and have customers buy it. Here where most entrepreneurs or business owners struggle.

Copying others, getting on social media to post randomly, and networking to have friends buy the product are not marketing strategies, and certainly not the way to build a profitable business.

The effective marketing strategies are created on factual basis and real numbers, then creativity follows to turn facts into a booming business.

Talents and profit don't square when a business is built with hopes not with authentic and effective strategies.


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