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Website Design and Marketing Foundations

Website Design and Marketing Foundations


Full website design with solid marketing foundations. Establish online presence with a website and SEO and define your brand and marketing strategies.   



    1- Market Research: We will conduct market research to identify your target market, and analyze your prices, competitors, and customers.   
    2- Marketing Strategies: We will devise marketing, advertising, and sales strategies that successfully introduce your product/service to the public, advertise it, and sell it. 
    3- Branding and structuring: We will brand, position, and structure your business to create a distinct identity for your business and position it in the mind of your customers.
    4- Photoshoot: We will produce a photoshoot, set a place, define a concept and goal, organize inspiration and references, plan each shot, coordinate, and work with our photographers. 
    5- Videos production (1 video): We produce a video, planning for mapping out our strategy and script for the videos, making videos, editing, and adding music or other effects.    
    6- Website design (static or e-commerce): We will design a website that builds your virtual office/store and starts your online presence, establishes credibility, exchanges information, and gives access to anyone to work/shop with you, anywhere, anytime.  It includes content writing, photo gallery, forms, desktop and mobile versions, and any associated design features with the strategy. One year of web hosting. 
    7- SEO: We will optimize your business on search engines that brings organic search traffic to your website, generates leads cost-effectively, increases brand awareness, optimizes your website for mobile users, and builds trust.



    The marketing process and website design completed in two months.

  • FEES

    The flat rate includes all the mentioned services.  

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