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Save My Struggling Business All Inclusive At A Flat Rate

Save My Struggling Business All Inclusive At A Flat Rate


Complete marketing process designed to launch or transform home based businesses. All-inclusive from planning to generating customers/patients. 



    1- We define the non-working issues. Asses your products/services. Analyze the demographics. Analyze your market, competitors, prices, and customers. 

    2- Create solutions. We turn the collected data into effective marketing, advertising, and sales strategies to save and transform your business or practice. 

    3- Design your brand and define how to build it: Create a logo and graphics. 

    4- Present you with the strategies, design, and our implementation plan. 

    5- Schedule a photoshoot. Take a series of photos of your products/services in a way that aligns with the brand.

    6- Film your products/services and produce videos and reels. Up to 3 videos and 30 reels.

    7- Design/redesign your website (Static or E-Commerce) to embody the brand and communicate your marketing massege. Includes, content writing, forms, photo gallery, desktop and mobile versions, and one year of web hosting.

    8- Establish your SEO (Search engine optimization) optimizing your business to become visible on the first page of Google.

    9- Create content that align with the brand and strategies.

    10- Build/revamp your social media accounts on FB and IG to grow it and promote your products/services/business/practice. 

    11- Design ads for your campaign

    12- Run Sponsored Ads and manage it. Includes $100 for testing the ads.

    13- Generate customers/patients

    13- Provide monthly progress reports. 





  • FEES

    The flat rate covers completion of the mentioned services.  


    It takes 3 months to transform your business. Planing, implementing, and producing results.  

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