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Transformational Marketing For Launching, Growing, or Saving A Business

Transformational Marketing For Launching, Growing, or Saving A Business


Complete marketing process to launch, transform, or save your business. Establish solid marketing foundations, build a brand, build online presence, connect and promote on social media, and advertsie. Covers two social media platforms, Facebook and Instagram. Covers 3 months of service.  



    1- Market Research: We will conduct market research to identify your target market, and analyze your prices, competitors, and customers.   
    2- Marketing Strategies: We will devise marketing, advertising, and sales strategies that successfully introduce your product/service to the public, advertise it, and sell it. 
    3- Branding and structuring: We will brand, position, and structure your business to create a distinct identity for your business and position it in the mind of your customers.
    4- Photoshoot: We will produce a photoshoot, set a place, define a concept and goal, organize inspiration and references, plan each shot, coordinate, and work with our photographers. 
    5- Videos and reels production (3 videos and 6 reels): We produce your videos and reels, planning for mapping out our strategy and script for the videos, making videos, editing, and adding music or other effects.    
    6- Website design (static or e-commerce): We will design a website that builds your virtual office/store and starts your online presence, establishes credibility, exchanges information, and gives access to anyone to work/shop with you, anywhere, anytime.  It includes content writing, photo gallery, forms, desktop and mobile versions, and any associated design features with the strategy. One year of web hosting. 
    7- SEO: We will optimize your business on search engines that brings organic search traffic to your website, generates leads cost-effectively, increases brand awareness, optimizes your website for mobile users, and builds trust.
    8- Social Media Management: constantly creating and scheduling content designed to grow, connect, and nurture an audience across social media platforms. It attracts customers, gets customer feedback, and builds customer loyalty. Increases your market reach, including the international market. Increases revenue by building customer networks and advertising. It develops your brand constantly.​ It covers two social platforms, Facebook and Instagram. 
    9- Targeted ads: We will desin targeted ads that amplify sales, enhance the brand image, spread product awareness, expand the audience base, and help your business stand out from the competition. 
    10- Sponsored advertising: We will manage your advertising campaign on Google and social media that gets you fast results and helps you reach the right audience while controlling your campaign budget. Includes $100 for testing the ad on FB and IG. 


    It covers 3 months of service.

  • FEES

    The flat rate includes the mentioned services, covering 3 months of service.