Clients Testimonials & Success Stories

Al J. - Restaurant Owner, LA. CA

I bought the website design package online. I was very pleased with their marketing approach. Services were delivered on time. Excellent communication.  


Arsalan Q. - Restaurant Owner, Plano, TX

MAOC is amazing. They helped me transform my restaurant business and become successful. From the venue to promos to employee training. Great experience!


Mata A. - Med Spa Owner, New York, NY

Great results in a short time. They transformed my medical spa in a couple of months. Very pleased with their services and the results. 


Brandi D. - Photographer, Celina, TX

I was able to work with MAOC's team remotely while our nation has been going through this pandemic to give my website a much-needed makeover. They did an amazing job! They were very quick to respond and very helpful. 


Mathew K. - Chiropractor, Richardson, TX

I had a wonderful experience with MAOC Studio. They started by highlighting the non-working issues. Then created solutions to save my business. Highly recommended.


Veronica S. Bridal Salon Owner, Fairfax, VA

Day and night. My business was struggling due to online competition. They created strategies to overcome competition and transform my retail business and online sales. They explained to me the strategies and how they will implement every step. Great services. Great results. Highly recommended.


Transformed A Restaurant In Plano, TX

One of our clients was serving amazing ethnic food at his restaurant, however, he wasn't receiving enough sales to stay in business. He bought the Sales-Increase Marketing Process.


As we got hired, we assessed the restaurant's sales, and the previous advertising and marketing strategies. We found no set plans nor strategies. We highlighted the non-working issues and created effective strategies. We turned his business around.  

We had to expand the circle of his audience and customers' base. Restructure his menu, prices, and operation. Offer a lunch buffet to get his first-time customers to taste the variety of his flavorful food for the purpose of boosting sales from his a la carte menu. 

As well, we had to organize his catering service and have it stand out. And most importantly we had to build an online presence, connect with the public online, and sell. 

The results, within three months the restaurant sales jumped from $400/day to $1,700/day. 

It was a great success! 

Launched A MedSpa In New York

One of our clients wanted to build a medspa in his ophthalmology practice in a high-end area in New York. He needed complete marketing services to launch the medspa and take care of marketing for the short and long-term. He bought the "large-Scale Marketing Process".

As we assessed his ophthalmology practice, we considered the set and established image, we created strategies that accentuate the existing image and grow it on a larger scale. 

We branded the medspa, structured and priced the service menu, built an online presence, designed and launched a marketing and advertising campaign to generate patients in the short term while building a name for the long-term. 

The results, the medspa first-month sales, after three months of implementing the set marketing strategies, totaled $20,000.  That was the beginning of long-term success. 

Saved A Retail / Bridal Salon In Fairfax, VA

One of our clients' retail business was struggling because of online competition.

After 20 some years of running a successful bridal salon, the cheap wedding gowns offered by foreign online retailers, drove her to almost close her business. She needed sales to save her retail business and thrive. She bought the "Sales-Increase Marketing Process"

When we assessed her numbers, products, physical and online competitors, we had to set her business apart in a way that will have her cross the gap of competition. We created unique marketing strategies that connect her bridal lines with the mindset of her targeted customers. We added more services that complement her customers' needs. We changed the bridal salon image and built an effective online presence. We launched an advertising campaign that embodied the new image and put the marketing strategies into work. 

The results exceeded her expectations. She stayed in business, she reclaimed her presence in the area, generated more sales than she ever thought she would, and built an online presence that generated even more sales. Her customers were so impressed, they were referring their friends to her salon.  

Our client's frustrations were real. The inability to accustom her twenty years of experience with the rising competition of online retails made her almost lose her business. Our experts made a way to save her business, elevate it to higher levels, and transform it financially and professionally. 

It is a big success!


Transformed A Skincare Line - Online Business

While our client was very optimistic and enthusiastic about selling her new skincare line online, she was faced with the reality of the matter that it takes way more than having a passion and investing big dollars to build a successful business online.

She had a unique skincare line but it was not presented and marketed effectively. Competition left no room for her business to rise and boom. She bought the "Social Media Marketing Process".

We conducted market research to collect the needed data for creating unique and effective marketing strategies. We connected the benefit of her skincare products to the mindset of her targeted customers with effective strategies.  

We rebranded her line, restructured the skincare menu and prices, educated people about the benefits of her products, built an online community and presence that consequently generated loyal customers and sales.

It is a big success!