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Help Me Transform My Home Based Business

Help Me Transform My Home Based Business


Complete marketing process designed to launch or transform a home based business. All-inclusive at a flat rate, from planning to generating customers. 


    1- We assess your services/products. Analyze your market, prices, customers, and competitors. 

    2- Create strategies to generate customers and sales. 

    3- Set events and sales calendar for one year to create ongoing activities, sell your products/services, and grow your customer base and email list. 

    4- Design and build your website or online store. 

    5- Establish your social media on IG & FB

    6- Generate results.

    6- Train you. Write the steps, strategies, and the implementation plan we applied to generate sales. You can follow the steps for constant growth.




  • FEES

    The flat rate covers the completion of the mentioned services. 


    Duration differs from one client to another. Ranges between 1 to 2 months. Ends when services are completed and results are generated.  

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