What Is Marketing? Why Do You Need An Expert

In the market of supplying small business owners with tools, services and products under the name of marketing, a real distortion of the definition of marketing has taken place. Accordingly, it frustrates business owners that they invest their money into what is called marketing, however they don't receive worthy results and enough sales.

What is marketing? As we define the word you will get to envision the difference between marketing and marketing tools and why an expert is needed to achieve the benefit of marketing.

Marketing is the business services and activities of presenting products or services in such a way to make them sell. And it is the process of communicating the value of a product or service to consumers in a creative way. Presenting and branding the product or service and communicating the message with consumers require a strategy and a defined marketing approach. Then every marketing tool, like a website, promotional cards, business cards, brochures and advertising will be united under this particular message, approach or strategy. If it is not united under one plan, one message and one strategy, the value of the product or service will not be communicated and presented productively. Inconsistency will be the sent message to consumers; therefore the business will not succeed.

As good as a business owner can be in delivering his product or service, it can be close to impossible to express the real value, from the powerful perspective it deserves to make it sell. Business owners have so much on their mind, starting from mastering excellence within their field of business, providing the product or service, paying bills, dealing with customers, to making their business profitable. It is very common that they miss out on communicating the real value of their service or product. That if it is presented and communicated right, will increase their business sales and elevate their business in general to higher levels, professionally and financially.

Having a website designed is not marketing. Having a Facebook page and being on social media is not marketing. Printing brochures and flyers are not marketing. But they are the marketing tools that must be united under one marketing plan and strategy to present the brand and communicate the marketing message productively for receiving real results.

If the marketing process doesn't start with a marketing strategy, and continue to have the strategy implemented to embody the brand, it is not a Real Marketing.

Work with marketing experts!

We understand that paying a flat rate online to buy a complete marketing process is the new way of buying marketing services.  

To clarify, the Flat Rate means we charge our clients a set price for the scope of the work that is completed regardless of the number of works and hours required to complete the project, no added fees. 

The flat rate is processed by PayPal, It is totally Safe and Secure.

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