What Happens If You Don't Have A Marketing Strategy?

Starting a business without having a marketing strategy in advance is similar to building a house without having a floor plan in advance, would it work?

You buy the land and pay for the construction company to start the building process. There is no floor plan, they build based on what comes to your mind that day, and what you think family and people might like. One day, you ask the builder to build the master bedroom first, and you think it will be reasonable to have it all the way in the back. They start building the master bedroom first without having the full floor plan. Then you think maybe having the master bedroom all the way in the back will distance you from being close to your children bedrooms. You ask the builder to change the master bedroom location after they spent almost a week working on it. Now, to begin with the construction company never got to pour the concrete slab for the foundation and figure out the needed steel because there is no floor plan and no figured measurements and numbers, insane isn't?

What is more insane is to have a construction company that promises you to build the best house within a certain time, without having or presenting an approved floor plan first.

It is the exact same thing when it comes to marketing your business. The land you invest in is your business idea or field of business whether it is a product or service. The floor plan and foundation are the marketing strategy and needed structure for your marketing and advertising to produce effective results, financially and professionally.

When you invest in a website design, SEO or social media without having a marketing strategy for the business, you won't achieve your financial and professional goals.

The company that offers marketing services without presenting a marketing strategy first is the same as a construction company that accepts to build a house without a floor plan.

Buying tiles, windows, and doors are mandatory to complete building your house, however, tiles, windows and doors are not what you need to structure your house, build its foundation and know what is what and where every room is going to be. What your project needs first, is a floor plan and the correct measurements.

The same is in marketing. A website design, social media, SEO, and advertising are mandatory but it is not what you need to structure the marketing of your business to produce results. What your business need is a marketing strategy first, that is based on creativity and full calculation of numbers and market assessments.

If you need to have a website designed, start the design with a marketing strategy. If you need to build a page on Facebook, start the page with a marketing strategy. If you want to advertise, make sure you have a marketing strategy. Never start without having a marketing strategy first.

Have our marketing experts create an effective marketing strategy for your business, that specifies all the details from structuring and branding to advertising. It is the right way to start, build and grow a successful business. Start Now!

We understand that paying a flat rate online to buy a complete marketing process is the new way of buying marketing services.  

To clarify, the Flat Rate means we charge our clients a set price for the scope of the work that is completed regardless of the number of works and hours required to complete the project, no added fees. 

The flat rate is processed by PayPal, It is totally Safe and Secure.

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