Two Words To Succeed "Keep Going"

Starting and building a business might be a dream that can come true but the journey itself is no dream whatsoever. Unless a business owner realizes that the journey is filled with ups and downs, challenges, setbacks ,and obstacles that require an intellectual strength and the ability to solve problems with a state of mind focused on the winning solutions, his journey will be frustrating and unfruitful.

Reaching success can be summed up in two words “keep going”. As the business owner works on building his business he needs to understand that he must work on building and developing himself as well. This is the part of the journey that causes the struggle and the setbacks to balance the emotions and stay in control of the self while moving forward in advancing the business and creating solutions. Here where most of business owners quit because they can’t handle the pressure. The pressure of making decisions and applying them in a firm and confident manner to have his business overcome the challenges and move higher. The mind that started a business must be developed into a sharp mind that knows how to maintain success and keep moving higher while staying emotionally stable and balanced in all aspects of life, not just the professional one.

At the beginning of starting a business, there is always a beginner luck that gives the business owner the push he needs. However, as he gets into the serious game, he needs to find ways to push himself forward by balancing his emotions. He needs to find ways to create his own luck by achieving his goals and winning. The key is to keep going.

Perseverance is one of the best characters to balance emotions and constantly update the belief system. Wrongful beliefs are the elements that create the obstacles. The more a business owner pushes the more he improves the self and its beliefs, the more he wins. Keep Going!

Some helpful hints to help a business owner keep going while making the most out of this decision and his time as well:

- Setbacks are caused by the ineffective structuring of business. If it was the financial structuring, operational, marketing or advertising, or all of them together, it will affect a business negatively. Therefore, it will increase the emotional pressure and stresses the business owner more. Working with experts will help solve these issues and help a business owner excel.

- Clarifying within the self that the business owner's job is advancing his specialty and mastering excellence in it while working with experts to cover the other areas of the business needs. Walking through the journey of building a business with a mindset that he can do it all on his own or have some family members help out or cut corners by having someone who lacks the expertise but accept to do the job for a cheap price is a certain formula for increased problems and unfruitful results.

- If it doesn't work don’t blame, don’t get angry, don’t quit, but work with the experts to have them highlight the non-working issues that caused the problem. Have them create new strategies to turn around the business in a timely and cost-effective manner. Random trials to save the business or have it grow without rational strategies cost money and time with no fruition.

- Don’t copy others. Dare to have your own fingerprint that sets your business apart. Renewed ideas are much better than followed and copied ideas.

Always remember, keep going, do it right, balance the emotions, work with the experts.

Rola Jabri

Founder of MAOC Studio

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To clarify, the Flat Rate means we charge our clients a set price for the scope of the work that is completed regardless of the number of works and hours required to complete the project, no added fees. 

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