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Turn The Pandemic Challenge Into A Favor

While the sudden change caused by the pandemic impacted small businesses in negative ways, turning its impact in positive ways is a choice. The pandemic did not end small businesses but had them reborn to take the lead.

When foundations are not built to be strong enough to hold a house, a sudden storm can be destructive. The same concept applies on a small business. Building solid marketing foundations with effective strategies and targeted implementation is the only way small businesses can take the lead and thrive in the face of challenges. The pandemic is the call to walk in this direction.

Understanding the mindset of customers and their need is a must step to create effective marketing strategies. Now that the pandemic has changed people needs and changed the way they think and operate, creating new strategies that serve the customer needs better can be the step that will have a business owner re-establish his business marketing foundations and turn the challenge of the pandemic into a favor.

Mastering this step will get the small business reborn.

Waiting for things to change on their own is the worst strategy. It wastes time and costs money without a return. Accepting the fact that the world has changed, and taking action to reinvent, re-strategize, and restructure are the solution for those who are determined enough to stay in business and stay ahead.

I expect small businesses to emerge from the pandemic better placed to adapt to the changes around them, thrive, and take the lead.

Rola Jabri,

Founder of MAOC Studio


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