Meet Rola Jabri The Founder of MAOC Studio

Rola Jabri founded and established MAOC Studio in 2006. Her story is the story of every business owner whose business reached a stagnant point. She refused to surrender to hopes, she didn't wait, she didn't dream. She made it happen, she won.
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Growing with luxury and style, in an artistic and entrepreneurial environment, with parents who demonstrated the essence of architect into innovative achievements has molded her perception about success.

Her educational journey started at a French school. She traveled the East and West ends of the world. She lived in diverse surroundings and mastered the balance of diversity with acceptance, flexibility, respect, understanding, and love. Born in Syria raised in the USA. Fluent in English, Arabic, and French. Chose to live a life of significance to help and make a difference with every bit of her learning, knowledge, experience, skills, talents, expertise, and time. A mother who raised her daughters to become their distinguished selves without compromising their ethics and values, aiming to bring forth positive and productive individuals into the community and the world.

Since she was a teenager, she knew that art, creativity, design, and innovation were her passion and the substance of her being and wholeness. In 1990 she graduated from college with a fashion design degree. Her enthusiasm and determination to produce her original designs were visibly interpreted into her words and action. She designed her first ready to wear collection at age 21. She invested her money and time to transfer her designs from the creativity of her heart into the reality of making clothing lines for women.

She opened her atelier in Arlington. She hired a team to assemble the line. She mastered her forte with excellence. Friends and family started to buy her designs. She had a couple of trunk shows locally to promote it. She advertised locally as well. The circle of customers grew, and sales generated. After two years of doing business the same way, numbers spoke loudly. The measure of her investment and efforts were not equal to the dollar amount she received. Meaning, she needed to generate more customers and sales to produce more designs, profit and take her business to higher levels, otherwise, it loops in the same circle. At this point, she was puzzled with "how" after she applied the customary ways to promote a business. She didn't quit, she slowed down, and she added more services related to design and lifestyle. The same equation got duplicated, investing more efforts and money than receiving. Spreading herself thin was the applied strategy, hoping to increase sales. But certainly, this strategy never works.

So, she chose to venture into the corporate world, utilizing her learning and expertise in exchange of learning about building a powerful corporate. The lack of existing marketing companies that offer effective marketing and advertising services to small business owners at reasonable prices pushed her in that direction to learn how. After years of mastering excellence in her job and learning, she came to realize that the missing link that holds back a business from moving upward or empowers it to boom is not advertising, promoting, nor selling, it is Marketing.

You have the right marketing, a simple business idea can be turned into an extraordinary success. You don't have the right marketing, an excellent service or product will stay at the exact level for years, while the business owner hopes for a big break to turn it around.

She didn't fall in the hoping phase, she ventured to figure out the answers and create effective solutions.

With the experience and knowledge she gained she founded MAOC Studio by investing $1. It was spent on printing ten flyers at Staples. Hand delivered to targeted businesses. The same day she got her first account and it went from there. It wasn't the power of the dollar or the flyers but the marketing message and structure that was communicated in the flyers.

Since then, she achieved tens of milestones and innovative solutions to make a difference for business owners and the company itself.

In 2016 MAOC Studio adopted an innovative direction that advances the reality of marketing into the future it deserves. She converted the large-scale marketing process that was limited to medium and large companies into itemized marketing packages, as a solution for small business owners to receive the same effectiveness at a lower price in short time. She built an online store, the first online marketing store in the world, to extend this solution to business owners worldwide, where they can buy the best marketing and advertising services anywhere.

Today, MAOC Studio specializes in elevating EXISTING businesses through utilizing the marketing structure she created for small business owners. She turned the frustration she experienced in the past as a business owner into a solution to turn around businesses in a timely and cost-effective manner.

Applying the customary and ordinary marketing strategies and activities will work for a while but it will get the business to a stagnant level. The large-scale innovative marketing and advertising packages are the solution she created to turn around an ordinary business into an extraordinary, in a timely and cost-effective manner.

Photo: Naveens Fotographi

We understand that paying a flat rate online to buy a complete marketing process is the new way of buying marketing services.  

To clarify, the Flat Rate means we charge our clients a set price for the scope of the work that is completed regardless of the number of works and hours required to complete the project, no added fees. 

The flat rate is processed by PayPal, It is totally Safe and Secure.

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